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What's this all about?

The difference between running your business and GROWING your business lies in brand strategy.
Huh? What's brand strategy exactly?

Join James and Shanna Dennis, as they discuss the content from their successful Define Before Design® rebrand process that has helped hundreds of Business Owners, Marketing Directors, Sales People, and Personal Brands grow their business into a profitable brand their customers love.




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James and Shanna Dennis

Who are we and what are we doing here?

We are James and Shanna Dennis. We are married, raising 2 boys, running a brand agency together, and somehow still find time to talk to one another!

What was once our casual Sunday morning chit-chat over coffee, is now our Define Before Design podcast. Why? So many weekend conversations came and went with the starting phrase of “if only companies would…” we felt it was time to get our voices out there!

So here we are, talking about all the things that would typically keep us from cleaning our house or getting the groceries done on Sunday. With an ultimate goal of reaching more people, and inspiring companies to do the things they should be doing!

Stop running your business and start growing it!

People evolve, brands should too. 

- Shanna Dennis, Owner at Enticity and creator of  “Define Before Design”

Loving brand strategy? 

This podcast is inspired by the course content in our Define Before Design® Rebrand Strategy. If you're ready to dive in and work through some amazing content that will have you reshaping your business for growth - this is the course for you! 

Stop running your business, and start growing it!   

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