Rebrand With Confidence

This is the brand strategy work you do before everything else! This transformation will move you into the space you need to be, in order to grow and sustain your business.


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Cut Out The Noise

You're different from the competition and you want your unique voice to be heard. Be known for what you believe in and all that you have to offer your industry.

Attract Great People

Create a brand that attracts enthusiastic employees who share your passion! Your brand will attract and retain talented people that will help you grow.

Create Brand Fans

Have an army of brand advocates spreading their love for your business. Control your reputation and what people are saying about your brand to others.

Take the guesswork out of your marketing. 

You need to make some changes in your business, to attract new customers and bring in more revenue. But where do you start? You see other businesses with amazing design and impressive marketing content that always seems to just nail it. 

You want to market your business to that calibre, but it never works out.

You’ve never connected with a graphic designer who’s been able to create the ideas that you have in your head. You can picture it but you have a difficult time expressing your vision.

Truth is, good design comes from tapping into the feelings that your brand evokes.

Those amazing companies that seem to have it all together, have a brand strategy in place. They know who they are, who their audience is, and they are very aware of the way they make people feel. 

They look and sound good on the outside because they’re laser focused on the inside. 

We are blushing...

If you're considering a rebrand strategy, check out these stories.

Create a brand culture.
Gain clarity on brand messaging.
Attract the right audience.

The nitty-gritty details:

32 easy video and written lessons
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Without a brand strategy in place, marketing is a very costly guessing game. 

It’s tough to create a cohesive, emotional, brand without a brand strategy to serve as your foundation.

If you’re planning on a website redesign or logo revamp to drum up more business—stop. Go through the Define Before Design® process first, so that your brand is built intentionally.

Attract the best customers, gain their loyalty, and make a difference!

Through the Define Before Design® course, you’ll reflect on your brand and realign with who you are as a business today, not who you were in the past.

As you complete the different modules, you’ll gain deeper clarity on what really matters to you and your ideal customers. You will differentiate yourself from the others, and lead your industry.

You’ll know what you’re doing best and who you’re marketing to, so that you can create intentional, emotional content that speaks to those who need to hear it. 

Learn At Your Pace

Each lesson in this course is unlocked and can be consumed via video or written word.

Follow The Workbook

Our workbook will have you shaping your brand with step-by-step ease.

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Meet The Creator

Shanna Dennis, Co-owner of Enticity 

Like most things, this course was built out of frustration and desire to make a change. Small and medium-sized businesses are the back-bone to our economy. However, the world we live in is forcing you to compete as a commodity and struggle for your customer's loyalty. And to top it off, with the internet in everyone's pockets, the options to solve a problem are endless and people don't need your opinion like they used to.

So why in the world would anyone choose your business over the other options they have? 

This is not fair, because most small to medium-sized businesses start with a passion and a skill. (Not a marketing degree). And when you're focused on running a business, you don't have time to study brand strategy and consumer trends. So you keep your head down and you sell your time or product at a "reasonable price" with one eye kept on the competition.

Well, stop! Make competition irrelevant and forget "reasonable pricing" because it is never enough to sustain your growth. Let the competition compete on price! You're here... which means you're dreaming big

I have created a rebrand process called Define Before Design®  and it’s helping hundreds of Business Owners and Marketing Directors across North America reposition their company as a leading brand that differentiates them from the other options out there. Stop competing as a commodity. Rebrand with Confidence! 


What people are saying...

With the guidance of Define Before Design, I have been able to lead Vettä, to become a truly inspiring business.

"We were able to hone into our brand essence and define Vettä.  It certainly helped when telling the story of who we are. We had the faith to niche ourselves and not try to be everything to everyone. We differentiated ourselves from the competition by doing this and it was extremely valuable to set direction to the design, engineering, and operations team by doing this. All this was due to the guidance of Shanna and her Define Before Design process. She puts her heart and soul into her work and treats me and my colleagues at Vettä as partners."


The time is now.

Brands that are living in the hearts and minds of their customers are rising to the top, while other companies are left fighting the price war. Take this course and differentiate yourself from the others, connect with your audience and rise above the noise.

Stop running your business, and start growing it!   


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